BZF I/II/E & AZF Radio Telephony

In order to be allowed to perform radio telephony you need a radio telephony certificate. There are three different certificates to differentiate. For the acquisition of a flying license each of the following certificates would be sufficient: 

  • BZF II - restricted radio telephony certificate for performing radio telephony in German language. This is necessary for flights within Germany. 
  • BZF I - restricted radio telephony certificate for performing radio telephony in German and English language. This is necessary for international flights. 
  • AZF - general radio telephony certificate for the service of radio telephony. This certificate allows you to perform radio telephony at ground- as well as at aeronautical stations without any restrictions. This is necessary for flights performed under instrumental flight conditions


There aren't any restriction with respect to the BZF courses. For the acquisition of the English BZF I or AZF it is advantageous to have basic English knowledge. Usually, it is suffient to polish your school English before starting. As a premise you need to hold BZF I or BZF II before acquiring AZF.

Theoretical preperation

In order to prepare oneself to the theoretical part of the examination we recommend the PPL-software list of questions. The speaking will be practised realistically in small groups.




BZF II (German language VFR) 275,00€
BZF I (English & german language VFR)   295,00€
BZFE (English language VFR) 295,00€
AZF (English language IFR) 315,00€
Learning material DFS VFR Sprechfunk (german) 44,90€
Learning material DFS VFR Sprechfunk (german) 44,90€



In order to be granted the radio telephony certificate you need to pass a theoretical as well as an oral examination at the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur). The theoretical examination contains multiple choice questions out of a fixed list of questions.

The oral examination contains a simulated start and a simulated approach to a commercial airport. Therefore, you will need to know and correctly apply the required groups of radio telephony. Regarding the English BZF I one of the simulated flights will be performed in English language. On top of that you will have to read out an English specialized text and translate it into German afterwards.

The AZF examination is an additional examination to BZF I or II. Hence, it cannot be taken directly. Its examination contains on the one hand a theoretical examination including 40 questions out ouf a question pool of 300 questions and on the other hand an oral examination within which a simulated instrument flight is being performed. Examinees holding BZF II or BZF I need to read out and translate an English specialized text.