Redbird TD2 G1000 Trainer

Flight simulator Garmin G1000 Trainer - BATD Redbird TD2
G1000 glass cockpit is an ultra-modern, integrated, dicital system of avionics manufactured by the company "GARMIN".Nowadays, this system is standardly being installed in a plenty of aircrafts (such as Cessna 172/182 G1000 and Cessna 350/400, Diamond DA40 G1000 and DA42 Twin Star, Cirrus SR20 and SR22, Mooney M20 Serie and many more).

But G1000's handling, reading and interpreting require special demands for the pilot, which considerably differ from the ones of an analogue cockpit.

Our G1000-simulator allows you among others to train system failures without any danger or to simply stop a certain flight phase for its interpretation.

Engine as well as electronic failures (limited panel) can be simulated and the respectively necessary hand grips can be practiced. Furthermore, it provides the detailed haptic of the press and rotary buttons of the original GARMIN G1000 avionic.

We have designed several training courses for you, which enable you to very quickly learn and manage the handling of the G1000 system including the GFC-700 auto pilot.

After having been instructed by one of our instructors you are allowed to use the machine independently and without a flight instructor for the preparation of your IR(A) examination, check flights or Garmin G1000 trainings.


bookings in hour packages:
5-hour-package 45.00 EUR/h
10-hour-package 40.00 EUR/h
20-hour-package 35.00 EUR/h
Instructor 40.00 EUR/h