Piper Cheyenne PA31T/42

The Piper Cheyenne ground and flight training course is all about getting you familiar with the aircraft and its systems. At course completion you will have an excellent understanding of the aircraft and associated systems. You will be able to conduct flights in a safe and professional manner.

The Course Entry Requirements are

  • Private, Commercial, or ATP License (PPL(A), CPL(A)/IR, MPL(A), ATPL(A) )
  • Valid MEP IR(A)
  • Valid Medical
  • Minimum 200 Flight hours and 70 hours PIC

Course Duration

  • The Course includes 3 days of ground school 
  • 4 days of flight training and simulator training
  • The complete training has to be done in a maximum time of 6 months

Ground school

Nr.:  Curriculum

Time in

1. Aircraft, Engines, Equipment for normal and abnormal Operation 4
2. Limitations 3
3. Performance, Flightplanning and Supervision of Flight Parameter 3
4. Loading,Center of Gravity, Preperation/ Groundhandling of the Aircraft 2
5. Emergency Procedures 2
6. Characteristics of Aircrafts with Glascockpit (EFIS) 1
7. Additional Equipment/Flightmanagementsystems (GPS) 1
  Total: 16


Theoretical Examination

A Multiple-Choice-Test with 100 questions is used to test the theoretical knowledge taught in ground school.


Flight Training

5 hours and 45 minutes blocktime will be done with a flight instructor. They contain normal operation.

6 hours and 15 minutes blocktime will be done with a flight instructor. They contain emergency procedures, simulated engine failures and asymmetric flight.

4 hours on a qualified simulator will be done with a flight instructor. They contain selected emergency procedures. At Aerotours we provide a FNPTII MCC for this part of the practical training.


Time in

1. Familiarization and General Handling 02:00
2. All Engines circuit procedures 01:45
3. Asymmetric handling 01:30
4. Asymmetric circuit procedures 01:30
5. Instrument approach procedures 01:45
6. En-route Procedures 01:30
7. Practice LST profile 02:00
  Total: 12:00


Practical Examination/ Skill Test

The Check Flight is done on the same aircraft as used in the flight training sessions. To pass the test the student pilot shows the necessary skills, knowledge and behavior to conduct the flight in a safe and professional manner.