MPS Boeing 737 NG

Twin Jet Engine / FNPT II MCC

The MPS Boeing 737NG device simulate the aircraft type Boeing 737-800W with Glass Cockpit. It was certified for Dual Pilot IFR Night&Day use. Under the JAR-FSTD the simulator is certified as FNPT II MCC. The simulator is located at Lufthansa Flight Training Center Berlin and is operated through our partner Sim4u.

Application area:

  • Integrated & Modular Courses for ATPL(A)
  • Normal & Emergency Procedures
  • MCC Training
  • JOC Training - Jet Orientation Courses
  • LOFT
  • Additional training for Boeing 737NG
  • Screening preperation/ Screenings


  • Electromagnatic control system
  • Motorized flight controls
  • Functional trim wheel
  • Functional overhead panel
  • MPS-CDS full FMC / EFIS and Systems replicated
  • Lufthansa Systems LIDO official FMS nav data
  • Direct projection (FOV: 200 x 40 deg) RSI Raster xT Image Generator (FFS D fidelity)
  • MPS-IOS Instructor Operating Station