Multi Crew Cooperation

The goal of the MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation training is to improve the cockpit coordination between the crew members. The MCC training course is the bridge between the ATPL course and the future workplace within the cockpit environment.

Our experienced MCC trainers will equip you with knowledge that you will need to be able to work as a responsible pilot within an airline crew. The training is devided into a theoretical (25h) and a practical part (20h). The focus of the MCC course is the training of skills such as communication, decision making, teamwork and leadership.


  • valid PPL(A)-IR or CPL(A)-IR
    (ATPL theory credit and MEP-IR recommended)

Course language is German or English

Theoretical training

25 hours classroom instruction (Videos, CBTs, practical examples)

in the following topics:

  • Interfaces
  • Leadership/Followership and Authority
  • Personality, Attitude and Motivation
  • Communications
  • Crew Coordination Procedures
  • Use of Checklists
  • Mutual Supervision
  • Information and Support


Practical training

20 flight hours for each student, 10 hours of which as a Pilot Flying PF and 10 hours as Pilot non Flying PNF 

Duration of training

The theoretical training comprises 4 days, the practical simulator training has a scope of 5 days. In case there are more than two students doing the course the duration is extended. After having successfully passed the training each course student will get the MCC certificate from AEROTOURS ATO. The responsible civil aviation office (e.g. LBA, CAA) will endorse the MCC rating in your license.

High-End Glasscockpit Simulators


Beechcraft King Air 200 GT

The training will be conducted on our newest generation simulator King Air 200 GT - FNPT II MCC. Equipped with Collins ProLine 21 Glass-Cockpit, FMS, EGPWS, TCAS II as well as many other systems which meet the most modern standards in aviation, we are able to prepare you best for your pilot career.



incl. Certificate and Learning material

MCC (B200GT)
only 1990,- EUR

MCC (B200GT) + JOC (A320neo)
only 2590,- EUR

Modern accommodation in standard or comfort rooms on the AEROTOURS campus at Strausberg Airport.


Airbus A320neo

The Airbus A320neo FTD Level 1 and FNPT II MCC is operated by us in our new Flight Training Center in Strausberg near Berlin. With a fully functional overhead panel, a full FMC and EFIS system, it is ideally suited for training the MCC on a commercial aircraft. The stored map database is based on Lufthansa Systems LIDO official FMS navigation database. The vision system is projected in high quality using a Lockheed Martin image generator.


incl. Certificate and Learning material

MCC (A320neo) only 2990,- EUR per pilot


MCC (A320neo) + JOC (A320neo)

instead of 3990,- EUR
now only 3490,- EUR per Pilot

Modern accommodation in our standard and comfort rooms on the AEROTOURS campus at Strausberg Airport.

Boeing 737-800W NG

The Boeing 737NG FNPT II MCC simulator is operated from our partner Sim4u in the Lufthansa Flight Training Center Berlin. With a full functional overhead panel, a FMC and EFIS system the simulator is ideally suited to train the MCC course at an airliner. The chart database is based on Lufthansa Systems LIDO official FMS nav data. The visual system is Full Flight Simulator Level D quality (FOV: 200 x 40 deg) RSI Raster xT Image Generator.


incl. Certificate and learning material

MCC (B737NG) only 3290,- EUR per pilot
(minimum number of participants: 2)

MCC (B737NG) + JOC (B737NG) only 3990,- EUR per Pilot
(minimum number of participants: 2)

Modern accommodation in the Meininger Hotel for 9 nights at a special price.


For a group of at least two participants, you can choose individual course dates. (subject to availability)




25 hours of theory groundschool

Practicle phase

20 hours of Simulator trainig, splitted in 10 hours as PF and 10 hours as PNF

Final session

The examination will be done in the simulator.