LAPL(A) Private pilot

The license of LAPL(A) allows you to fly two- and four-seated aircraft (such as our Cessnas C-172) with up to 3 passengers in Europe.

The license can later be expanded by further licenses or ratings such as PPL(A). LAPL is the acronym for Light Aircraft Pilot License (Aircraft).


  • Sec. 23 para. 2 Air Traffic Licensing Order (LuftVZO): minimum age to start training is 16 (license qualification with age of 17)
  • aviation medical class 2 or LAPL
  • background check (must be obtained before starting the training)
  • declaration of pending criminal proceedings (Sec. 24 para. 3 no. 3 and 4 Air Traffic Licensing Order)
  • extract of German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) (Sec. 30 para. 8 of Road Traffic Act (StVG))

The following documents are needed in the course of the training:

  • Radio Telephony Certificate (BZF) - (is being acquired in parallel to the flight training)

Theoretical training

The theoretical part of the training contains 6 training subjects. In addition there will be the theory for the Radio Telephony Certificate.

  • Technics (aerodynamics, aircraft knowledge)
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Air Law
  • Human Performance
  • behaviour in exceptional situations
  • Radio Telephony Certificate (BZF) theory


Practical training

The practical part of the training contains 30 flight lessons, 6 lesson hours of which have to be flown without a flight instructor (solo), whereby again at least 3 lesson hours of which need to be cross country flights. One of these cross country flights need to have a minimum flight route of 270 km containing two stops at foreign airports. We are mainly using our Diamonds DA20s, Cessna C-152.


The training will be completed by a theoretical and a practical examination. For logical reasons the theoretical examination will be taken after the student pilot's first solo-flight, whereby all subjects of the theoretical training will be examined by means of multiple choice. The practical examination will be taken at the end of the training, when you will fly together with an examiner for about 60 minutes.




Flight License LAPL(A) EASA-FCL (valid from 15.11.2023*)
Application fee 300,00 €
Theoretical Instruction (ca. 130 h)  
Theorie eAcademy Course PPL(A) incl. Material „The Privatpilot" elektr. Version 450,00 €
Classroom instruction (Duration 30 h) 420,00 €
Support fee incl. question trainer and school intern examination 350,00 €
Practical Flight Training (incl. Flight Instructor)  
30 hours Diamond DA 20 80 HP (Block time) [a 222,00 €] 6.660,00 €
Additional costs
Landing fees, Air traffic control fees (average) 500,00 €
Learning material (Jepessen CSG Student, DFS Course triangular, full circle protractor, course book, VFR radio telephony book, ICAO chart Berlin, flight logbook) 189,80 €
Radio telephony certificate BZF E (en.) 295,00 €
Offical fees 150,00 €
Total gross (incl. 19 % VAT) 9.314,80 €



Fees which are invoiced from the authority direct to the flight student, ZÜP, Medical certificate and examination flight are to be paid by the customer. This price offer refers to a student pilot with a size/ weight (up to approx. 75 kg). If the weight/height is significantly higher, the practical training must be carried out on a larger model (Robin 2100 or Cessna 172), which results in higher costs.







120 hours of theoretical training, splitted into 90 hours self study with our Boeing eAcademy distance learning course and 30 hours classroom lessons in house

Theoretical exam

The theoretical exam will be done at the Gemeinsame Obere Landesbehörde in Schönefeld


Radio communication

Radio communication training in German or combined in German and English


Practical phase

30 hours of flight training on Diamond DA20/Cessna 152

Practical exam

The practical exam begins and ends at Verkehrslandeplatz Strausberg