Fleet/ Simulators & Chartering

At our place you can charter aircrafts to reasonable conditions.

In case you feel unconfident after not having flown for quite some time or the weather conditions are not that good we provide you with a flight instructor or an experienced security pilot. Of course we will support you on flight planning as well as give you advice on the flight weather.

All prices per flight hour are including fuel and oil.
The minimum time to charter are 3 hours. Special agreements are seasonally possible by prior arrangement.

You can charter the following aircrafts to reasonbale conditions:

Prices valid from 15.11.2023

Prepayment price means price with 1000,- EUR prepayment. Aircraft marked with * are chartered only with pilot.

Flight instructor Price per hour
Flight instructor (Normal) 65,00 EUR
Flight instructor (Complex aircraft, Cirrus, ME, IR, CPL) 80,00 EUR

If you charter an aircraft the basis of invoicing are flight hours instead of block times. Hence, you will save about 10 minutes of charter time.

There is one premise regarding the prices: while operating / flying the performance data of the flight operations manual have to be observed. Regarding instruction and check flights with a flight instructor we will invoice charter price plus fees for the flight instructor. Training hours have no scale of discount and are always block time. For Training-, Familiarization- and Checkflights no discounts are applicable and are calculated as block time. (5 min before and 5 min after the flight)