FI(A)-IR Flight Instructor

The FI(A)-IR / IRI(A) – Instrument Rating Instructor course has the goal to to qualify you as instructor vor IFR training. Our well expirienced IR flight instructors will give you the knowledge you need to teach instrument flying in the aircraft or a synthetic flight trainer.

The main target of the course is to steady the procedures written down in the IFR training manual.


The explanation of the Cockpit, systems and IR-procedures together with standardisation of skills are the main priorities of the practical training.

The training is divided into 10 theoretical an 5 practical hours for FI(A) instructors (EASA FCL) or 50 theoretical and 10 practical hours for non FI(A) holders.


You have to be a holder of a  PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A) license and have a minimum of 200h IR / max. 50h on synthetic flight trainer for FI (A) pilots or 800h IR with a minimum of 400h on aircraft for non FI (A) holders.

Courses can be in German as well as in English


Theoretical Lessons

10 hours groundcourse in the following subjects

  • Phyisiology
  • Flight control Instruments
  • Radio Navigation
  • Aspects of flight planning / aeronautical publications
  • Flight planning (general)
  • Rights of a IR holder

Additional 25h groundcourse with the subject area of “teaching skills“ and „learning behaviour of students“.

The 25h groundcourse „teaching skills“ and „learning behaviour of students“ are not necessary for holders of a FI(A), CRI(A), TRI(A), SFI(A), STI(A), MCCI(H), FI(H), TRI(H), SFI(H) license.

Practical Training

A minimum of 10h for non FI(A) holders on aircraft/ FNPT II MCC. For a holder of an FI(A) rating 5 hours can be credited. It can be chosen between classic and glass cockpit.

High End Glascockpit Simulator

For training on ground a King Air 200 GT Simulator – (FNPT II MCC newest generation) is available . Equipped with Collins Proline 21 glass cockpit, FMS, EGPWS and TCAS II together with many other modern systems which are standard in aviation today.


In general the exam takes place in our facility and contain a verbal theoretical test and a practical check flight.



10 hours of Groundschool plus *25 hours of Groundschool in "Learning methodes and behavior" (*only when no flight instructor is available). *Not mandatory for holders of a valid FI(A), CRI(A), TRI(A), SFI(A), STI(A), MCCI(H), FI(H), TRI(H), SFI(H))

Practicle phase

10 hours of practicle training on aircraft or simulator for an IRI(A) applicant and 5 hours of training for a FI(A)-IR applicant. The applicant can decide wether having the training on classic instruments or glasscockpit.


The examination will be done in our ATO. After an oral examination, an examination flight will be done.