EIR(A) Enroute Instrument Rating

The rights of the holder of a route instrument rating, EIR exist in the realisation of flights during the day according to instrument flight rules in the en route phase of the flight with an airplane for which a class or type rating exists.


  • The applicant for IR(A) must at least hold a CPL(A) or PPL(A) license and must have completed 20 hours being the pilot in command of airplanes, TMGs, helicopters or airships thereof at least 10 hours on fixed wing aircraft.
  • The applicant must hold an aviation medical class 1 or class 2 with the additional checkup of pure-tone audiometry.
  • The AEROTOURS ATO ensures that the student meets the requirements for the training according part-MED and part-FCL.

EIR (A) - Single engine aircraft

The applicant for an EIR must have completed within a period of 36 months in an ATO
the following :
  1. at least 80 hours of theoretical instruction according FCL.615 and
  2. an instrument flight training whose :
flight training for an EIR for single engine airplanes must include at least 15 hours instrument flight time with an IR instructor.

EIR (A) - Multi engine aircraft

In addition to the above mentioned points under EIR(A) - single engine aircraft is valid : 

  1. The flight training for an EIR for multi engine aircraft must include at least 16 hours of instrument flight time with an IR instructor thereof at least 4 hours with multi engine aircraft.

Theoretical training

The AEROTOURS conducts the theoretical part of the training combining 72 hours eLearning and 8 hours complementary instruction. By means of an independent certification with the central office for distance learning in form of a modern online based distance learning course eAcademy we can offer you an optimum supervision until theoretical examination.

The theoretical training and examination contains the following 7 subjects : 

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge - Instruments
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Radio Navigation
  • IR Radio Communication 

Should you come to us without any previous knowledge you should project at least 2 months for the EIR(A) theoretical training given that you have appropriate motivation and learning willingness.

The distance learning course for the acquisition of the en route instrument flight rating is the most modern form of theoretical education and can be startet at any time.

The theoretical examination must be taken not later than 36 months after the beginning of the education.





80 hours Groundschool of combined eLearning and Groundschool in house

Theoretical exam


Practical phase

15 hours of flight training for the SE EIR(A) and 16 hours of flight training for the ME EIR(A)

Practical Exam