ATPL(A) Airline Transport Pilot integrated

The ATPL(A) license is the highest level of a pilot's training. Everybody who has ever dreamt of working in an Airline's cockpit flying professionally needs an ATPL(A) (Airline Transport Pilot's Licence). If you have no previous flying experience, then the intensive ATPL(A) integrated program will help you become a commercial pilot in the shortest time possible.

The aim of this training is acquiring the license of CPL(A)/IR(A) together with ATPL(A) theory credit in order to be able to initially work as a copilot in aircraft regardless of which dimension (mostly two-man-cockpit). Furthermore, ATPL(A) can be used as PPL(A), CPL(A) and IR(A) without any restrictions.

Prior to the beginning of the training you need to submit the following documents to us:

  • contract of training with AEROTOURS ATO
  • aviation medical class 1 given by an AMC
  • copy of a valid identity card or passport for identity verification
  • background check (Sec. 7 para. 1 no. 4 Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG) and sec. 4 para. 1 Aviation Security Act) and a Police Clearance Certificate
  • extract of German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Drivers (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) (Sec. 30 para. 8 of Road Traffic Act (StVG))
  • declaration of pending criminal proceedings (Sec. 24 para. 3 no. 3 and 4 Air Traffic Licensing Order)
  • minimum age for starting training is 17 (license qualification with age of 21)
  • approval of legal representatives in case applicant is minor

Prior to the beginning of the training the student has to provide evidence about his/her sufficient knowledge of English, mathematics and physics.
The following is accepted:

  • opinion of an officially recognized expert
  • or certificate of A-Levels (premise: having studied the above subjects for at least three years)
  • or a passed DLR test
  • or a passed ATTC screening
  • or the student's previous knowledge is tested by AEROTOURS' Head of Training

The full-time theory course as well as the examinations are structured into the following 14 subjects:

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Electrotrics
  • Powerplants
  • Instruments
  • Mass and Balance
  • Performance
  • Flight Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Aerodynamics
  • Radio Communication (BZF/ AZF) 

Subsequently, the theoretical testing is conducted at the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt in Braunschweig inGerman or English language. After passing the theory examination, the candidates are granted the ATPL(A) theory credit in their license.


The practical Training at AEROTOURS ATO consists of 195 hours. Within these 195 hours the applicant must fly at least:

  • 95 hours of training with a flight instructor. 55 of the 95 hours may be instrument ground time.
  • 70 hours as PIC, including VFR flight and instrument flight time as pilot-in-training (Student Pilot-in-Command, SPIC). The instrument flight time as SPIC can be added up to a maximum of 20 hours PIC flight time.
  • 50 hours cross-country as PIC including a VFR cross-country flight of at least 540km (300NM) of which 2 out of the 3 landings must be conducted at different aerodromes than the starting aerodrome.
  • 5 hours are to be flown at night. 3 out of these 5 hours are flown with a flight intructor. Within these 3 hours, 1 hour must be flown as cross-country. The student also needs to have completed 5 solo takeoffs and landings. 
  • 115 hours Instrument flying time, with at least the following:
    • 20h as PIC
    • 15h MCC, using a FNPT II
    • 50h Instrument flight training of which are:
    • 40h Instrument ground time in a FNPT II
  • 5 hours in an aircraft which has retractable gear, a constant speed propeller and can carry a minimum of 4 persons on board.

Within the AEROTOURS ATO 70 hours are flown with a flight instructor, 70 hours solo as PIC, and 55 hours on a FNPT II MCC.





750 hours of Groundschool, splitted into 100 hours PPL(A) and 650 hours ATPL(A) theoretical training.

Theoretical exam


The theoretical PPL(A) examination will be done at the Gemeinsame Obere Landesbehörde in Schönefeld

Theoretical examination


The theoretical ATPL(A) examination will be done at the Luftfahrt Bundesamt in Braunschweig.

First solo competence

Practical phase 1

15 hours of flight training with an instructor until your first solo flight

Cross Country competence

Practical phase 2

25 hours of flight training with an instructor until your first cross country solo flight.

Night flight competence

Practical phase 3

45 hours of flight training with an instructor including solo cross country and night flying.

CPL MEP IR intermediate exam

Practical phase 4

95 hours of instrument flight training on SEP,MEP aircraft and simulator training with an instructor.

MCC course

Practical phase 5

15 hours of Multi Crew Course on B200GT or B737NG simulator